• When I first came to Leeds early in 2010 I tried a series of physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and sports massage specialist. It was Val who seemed to offer a more holistic approach to my existential crisis and question, how can I live as healthy human being going forward. He has a wide knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, the body in motion and eastern philosophy that I believe make him stand out as a unique practitioner. I continue to see Val regularly and can't recommend him highly enough.

    -Josh Whaley

  • Tendonitis in both arms put my fitness in jeopardy and, previously, medical advice was rest, rest and rest! But Val's sports massages kept me exercising and improved my condition whilst enabling me to harvest Val's experience with little tips on remedial exercises specific to my problem. And it improved my posture. Val even brought his portable table to my house on Christmas eve! Reliable, efffective, professional, flexible and friendly.

    -Russell Lloyd

  • I drive 100miles a day and lead a very busy life, what with running a company and looking after a toddler. Life takes it tolls on you. As a result I have suffered with severe back pain and also in my knees. I come to see Val at least once a month to work his magic. His deep tissue massage are incredibly tough to deal with at the time of the treatment but after it I always feel as I am walking around a few inches taller. As I have now known him for a long while now he comes to my house do the massage and this is handy as I would otherwise never get to his clinic as I used to be able to do before the birth of my little daughter. Ever since I have know him he is always remained professional and is highly knowledgeable in his field, both in fitness and massage. He has always give me simple exercises and stretches to do at home and at work, which I have to admit I do not always do. So if you are thinking of working with him he is one of the best in Leeds. Kim C